Addison Township


Lakeville Inn

1318 N Rochester Rd, Leonard, MI 48367

If you like great food and great service, go to Lakeville Inn! Lakeville Inn is known for its delicious prime rib, cooked to perfection. Eat outside on the deck on nice days, and enjoy the beautiful view.

Louie's Food & Spirit

600 Lakeville Rd, Addison Twp, MI 48376

Grab a drink, kick back, and enjoy the friendly atmosphere at Louie's. If you are feeling hungry, order some delicious bar food. If you love fresh fish, stop by on Friday for Fish Fridays.

Bear Paw Cafe

1363 N Rochester Rd, Leonard, MI 48367

The Bear Paw Cafe has excellent service and great food at fair prices. Stop by, relax, and enjoy some home cooking.

Hamlin Pub

741 Lapeer Rd, Lake Orion, MI 48362

Hamlin Pub has a relaxed atmosphere and is a fun place to hang out. If you like live music, this is the place for you! Enjoy their delicious chicken stew and burgers, and then end the night with darts, trivia, pool, and video games.

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