Bruce Township


Main Street Bar & Grill

Main Street Bar & Grill is located in Romeo, just a quick ten minute drive from Bruce Township. They do get pretty busy on weekends, especially if there is a game on, but the crowd creates a sort of electric buzz that keeps the mood up. The food is wonderful, with some of the best pizza in the area. The staff is attentive, but you will never feel like they were hovering. The drinks are ice cold and always go down smoothly. Stop in on Saturdays for karaoke, and maybe you'll catch your big break! You will love spending time at this neighborhood bar & grill. It is located at 223 North Main Street in Romeo, Michigan.

Younger's Irish Tavern

Younger's Irish Tavern is a great little neighborhood pub with a low-key atmosphere. You'll love going here with friends or family to catch up and enjoy a good conversation over drinks. It is the pretty standard pub with a menu that focuses on American bar food, but they also have some other unique and delicious options that will surprise you. If you head up to the second level, you'll find an entertainment space that often features live bands, comedy, and dancing. Younger's Irish Tavern is located in the heart of Romeo, and you will find several other bars and shops to visit when you're done there. You can find it at 120 South Main Street in Romeo, Michigan.

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