Joe's Garage Sports Pub

Joe's Garage Sports Pub is a great place! It looks and feels like an actual repair shop, so it has a really cool vibe. It is a good place to bring kids or anyone that's into cars. Joe's Garage has plenty of televisions, so bring your friends, grab a beer, and kick back and watch the game. They are known for their pizza, so be sure to give it a try. If you don't like pizza, they offer a lot of other options as well. Joe's Garage Sports Pub is located at 6468 W Vienna Road in Clio, just east of Elms road.

Nite-Cap Tavern

The Nite-Cap Tavern is a great place to go and relax with friends. It is a small neighborhood bar with a very comfortable atmosphere. You can't beat this place for drink deals. They are always cheap and always strong. They also serve pretty good food. Be sure to try the pizza or the rodeo burgers. Nite-cap Tavern is located at 155 W Vienna Street in Clio, west of Mill St.

Cloverleaf Bar & Grill

You'll always have a great time at Cloverleaf Bar & Grill. They often have live music, so stop in if you like to rock. They have a great menu, with plenty of appetizers, sandwiches, pizza, burgers, and dinners to choose from. You definitely won't go hungry, and the bartenders know their stuff, so you won't go thirsty either! Cloverleaf Bar & Grill is located at 13508 N Saginaw Road in Clio, at the intersection of Saginaw and Clio Road.

Twin's Pizza Pasta & More

Twin's Pizza Pasta & More is more than just a pizza place. It says it right in the name! They offer a lot of great options, including delicious chicken parmesan and burgers. If you come at lunch time, try the pizza buffet. It includes soup and salad. The restaurant is kept very clean, has a private parking lot, and offers outdoor seating on nice days. They also offer beer and wine if you want to wash down your meal! Twin's Pizza Pasta & More is located at 4195 West Vienna Road in Clio, east of Linden.

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