Lucky's Steak House

Lucky's Steak House is a great restaurant in Davison. They have a pretty extensive menu, including steak, seafood, and much more. Don't forget to try the bread! It gets rave reviews. It is usually pretty busy, but the service is good, so you shouldn't have to wait long for a table. They have a full bar, so make sure to order a drink to wash down your meal! Lucky's Steak House is located at 10098 Lapeer Road in Davison, Michigan.

Madden's Lounge

Madden's is a family owned bar that doesn't disappoint. It's a cool hangout for you and your friends. Madden's offers good drink specials and everyone there is very friendly. Service is wonderful! They have happy hour, so come by after work and get a great deal. There are plenty of TVs around the whole establishment if you want to go to watch the game. They also have really good food. Be sure to try the cheese dip! Madden's Lounge is located at 809 north State Road in Davison, Michigan.

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