Exeter Township



Formerly known as Red Horse Inn, this restaurant was remodeled and became Anson's. The staff is attentive and will make you feel welcome, and the service is quick. Prices are reasonable and the food is really good. They specialize in pizza, Italian, and American cuisine. The pizza is some of the hottest, cheesiest, and most delicious you'll find in the area. The crust is crisp and the toppings are fresh. The other optons on the menu are all a hit, too! This is a great place to go for lunch and dinner. Anson's is located at 9811 Exeter Road in Carleton, Michigan.

Silver Star Bar

You can find Silver Star Bar in Maybee, just a few miles away from Exeter Township. This is a neighborhood bar that will quickly become your favorite place if you love dives. It is a very fun place that locals love. They serve up great food, and the prices are always very low. Make sure to try the very fresh smelt. It is cooked perfectly! The drinks are strong and ice cold, and the bartender will make sure your glass is always filled. Silver Star Bar is a great place to go after work or on weekends. It is located at 10400 Sumpter Road in Maybee, Michigan.

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