Brady's Tavern

Brady's Tavern is a neat little place that offers traditional American food. Everything is well-priced, the service is really good, and the staff is enthusiastic and happy. Brady's is casual and kid-friendly at meal times, and they have no problem accommodating groups. They offer free Wi-Fi, so stop by, order a few drinks, and get some work done. Parking is in a private lot. Brady's Tavern is located at 31231 Southfield Road in Beverly Hills, Michigan.

The Franklin Grill

The Franklin Grill, located in downtown Franklin, has a very cool and unique atmosphere. You will be able to relax here with no problems. Everyone is friendly, and it has a laid-back vibe. The food is prepared well and it is always fresh. There is plenty of space for big groups, and they do take reservations. They also offer outdoor seating for nice days. Parking is in a private lot, and valet service is also available. The Franklin Grill is located at 32760 Franklin Road in Franklin, Michigan.

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