Frenchtown Township


Jerry's Frenchtown Bar & Grill

Jerry's Frenchtown Bar & Grill is a cozy little dive bar in Monroe. It has a lot of regulars, and everyone there will make you feel welcome. The service is wonderful, and the staff is very friendly. The food tastes good, and it is very affordable. Come in and try the special, which changes daily. Jerry's has a pool table if you are interested in starting up a game with someone. If you want some great entertainment, stop by on Saturday night for karaoke night. Jerry's Frenchtown Bar & Grill is located at 2932 N Dixie Highway in Monroe, Michigan.

Joe's French-Italian Inn

Joe's French-Italian Inn is a nice, family-owned restaurant that has been around for decades, and locals love it. They really know how to operate a business. The food is mouthwatering, and the menu is pretty extensive so you will definitely find something to satisfy your cravings. It isn't cheap, but the extraordinary taste will make up for it. The staff is helpful and friendly, and they will make sure you are always taken care of. Joe's French-Italian Inn is located at 2896 North Dixie Highway in Monroe, Michigan.

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