Paycheck's Lounge

If you love live music, Paycheck's Lounge is for you. Just about every band in the area knows about Paycheck's and has likely played there. It's a dive bar, which means drinks are cheap! They have some of the best drink prices around, and cover is always cheap, too. This is a cool place to hang out with friends and enjoy a night out without having to spend your life savings. Paycheck's Lounge is located at 2932 Caniff Street in Hamtramck.

Small's Bar

Small's Bar is a casual place with a cool atmosphere. Music is always playing, whether it is a live band or the juke box. Contrary to the name, it isn't a small place, so even on busy nights you will have room to move around. The drinks are strong and very well-priced. Make sure to try the root beer flavored vodka! The staff is very friendly, and they're always looking to help you have a great time. Small's Bar is located at 10339 Conant Street in Hamtramck.

The Belmont

The Belmont is another great place to go if you love live music. Bands are playing there all the time, and if they aren't, there's a DJ. There's a great drink selection, they are always big, and they are never expensive. There is outdoor seating for nice days, so step outside to take a break from the crowd. The staff is great and will make sure you always have a full glass. The Belmont is located at 10215 Joseph Campau Street in Hamtramck.

Polonia Restaurant

If you know anything about Hamtramck, you know it has great Polish restaurants, and Polonia is one of the best. All of the food is fresh and authentic. There are many different options, and they are all packed with flavor. The service is very quick and the servers are delightful. Be sure to stop here if you are in town! Polonia Restaurant is located at 2934 Yemans Street in Hamtramck.

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