Down the Hatch Saloon

Everyone knows each other at Down the Hatch Saloon because it is the only bar in town. The locals are all very friendly and will treat you like they have known you forever. It's always fun to strike up a conversation with someone new. Drinks are priced well, so you won't go broke over a couple pints of beer. Down The Hatch Saloon is located at 11935 East Lennon Road in Lennon, Michigan.

Lennon Cafe

Lennon Cafe is a cute little diner with a lot of small town charm. Open from breakfast til dinner, you are bound to find something that you will love. The staff is some of the kindest around, and you get the impression that they really care about you. Be sure to save room for dessert so that you can try a slice of their fabulous homemade pies! No pie will ever be the same again! To top it all off, prices are very low. If you are in the Lennon area, be sure to give this place a try! Lennon Cafe is located at 12489 West Lennon Road in Lennon, Michigan.

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