Louie's Food & Spirit

Louie's Food & Spirit has a relaxing vibe where you can kick back after a long day. It's a family owned bar, so you won't be treated like just another customer that doesn't matter, which tends to happen at many chains. Everything comes at low prices, whether it be food or drinks. If you like fish, come in on Fridays for the weekly fish fries! Louie's Food & Spirit is located at 600 Lakeville Road in Addison Township.

Lakeville Inn

Lakeville Inn is known for its beautiful location, right off of Lakeville Lake. The staff is polite and helpful, and will make sure you are always taken care of. They have a great variety of beer for you to choose from, and the food will keep you coming back. Make sure to try the prime rib at least once. Prices are pretty average, but the view certainly isn't. Lakeville Inn is located at 1318 Rochester Road in Leonard, Michigan.

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