Lincoln Park


Fort Street Brewery

Ready for some of the best beer around? Get in to Fort Street Brewery as fast as possible! All of the regulars know Doug, the brew master, and they all rave about his signature brews! They are very creative. Come in every Thursday, when they tap a keg full of one of Doug's new concoctions and let everybody try it. They truly are some of the best craft beers around. The food is good, too! Fort Street Brewery is pretty big, so you won't feel overwhelmed by a packed in crowd. It is a cool place to go and have a good time with friends. Fort Street Brewery is located at 1660 Fort Street in Lincoln Park, Michigan.

Chesley's Bar & Grill

Chesley's has a pub-style atmosphere that locals love. Everything is relatively inexpensive, and it is a good place to stop after work for a couple of drinks to erase the stress of the day. Be sure to try some of their special pepperoni fries. They sound weird, but you won't regret it! They have plenty of televisions around the bar, so stop by to watch the big game with a group of friends. Chesley's Bar & Grill is located at 3717 Fort Street in Lincoln Park.

McCaffery's Bar

McCaffery's is a casual place to grab some drinks. It has a laid-back vibe that makes it a cool place to hang out. They have great drink deals all the time. Go on the right night and you can get $12 buckets of beer! The staff is very cheerful and provide great service, so your glass will never be empty. Free popcorn is available all night long, so snack as you drink. If your hunger can't be tamed by popcorn alone, order something from the menu. There are plenty of choices to satisfy your cravings. McCaffery's Bar is located at 4210 Fort Street in Lincoln Park.

Chicken Shack

Who doesn't love broasted chicken? Chicken Shack has the best in the area. They have several locations, and Lincoln Parks offers some of the best food! It is moist and tender. They also have ribs, pork chops, and more, and it would be a mistake not to try the broasted potatoes. Yum! If you have a party that needs food, they can help! Just let them know the amount of people you have, and they will help you figure out how much food you need. You can also rent the Chicken Shack mobile concession trailer if you have a huge event that you need food for. It's just the Chicken Shack kitchen on wheels! Chicken Shack is located at 1871 Dix Avenue in Lincoln Park.

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