Silver Star Bar

Silver Star Bar is a neighborhood bar where it seems like everyone knows each other. Hungry? They have delicious fresh fish that will make your mouth water, and if you stop in on Wednesday, you can treat yourself to some of the biggest crab legs you'll ever encounter. The food is well-priced, the drinks are strong, and you're going to have fun. Catch up with friends over drinks or a meal, and then party all night long! Silver Star Bar is located at 10400 Sumpter Road in Maybee, Michigan.

Dolce Vita Italian Grille

Dolce Vita Italian Grille is truly unique because it also has a sushi bar in the same space. It's a weird combination, but it works! The sushi is fresh and excellent, and there is a great variety. If you're not a fan of sushi, you will certainly be satisfied by the Italian food selection. It is all very well-prepared and will definitely fill you up. Thirsty? They also have a full bar! Be sure to try a martini with your meal. Dolce Vita Italian Grille is located at 391 North Telegraph Road in Monroe, Michigan.

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