Red Dog Saloon

Red Dog Saloon is as fun as it gets in Milford. They often feature live bands and karaoke, so the atmosphere is never dull. It's got that easy going dive bar charm that you will have no problem relaxing in. It attracts an older crowd, so you won't find any annoying young drunks that can't hold their liquor. The bartenders and staff work hard to make sure you aren't waiting around for drinks, no matter how crowded it gets. Come early if you want a table. Red Dog Saloon is located at 250 West Summit Drive in Milford.

Bakers of Milford Restaurant

Bakers of Milford is a reliable place to grab a bite to eat. They have a large selection of tasty food that is cooked to order. Try the prime rib or the all you can eat King Crab legs. Wonderful! They accept reservations, so call ahead if you don't want to wait around. Request a table outside on a nice day and enjoy your food in beautiful weather. Bakers of Milford caters, so consider them the next time you are hosting a big event. You won't be sorry! Bakers of Milford Restaurant is located at 2055 South Milford Road in Milford, Michigan.

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