Night on the Town


There is never a shortage of amazing nights to be had in the city, get your VIP treatment

Being a college town, Ann Arbor is full of some of the hottest clubs and bars in Michigan, such as Necto Nightclub. It's streets are booming with fun students who are out to have a fun night on the town, hopping from place to place, virtually every single weekend. You can also check out the hot locations in Detroit metro, in the downtown areas of Pontiac, Royal Oak, Detroit, Ferndale, and others. We give you an opportunity to take this to the next level when you order a party bus to take you to all of Ann Arbor's and Detroit metro's hottest locations. Normally you might need someone to drive you to and from the bar and club scene, a designated driver, one who will not have as much fun as everyone else. We can change that however. Let us be your designated driver for the night, and let your transportation turn into its own bar and nightclub. Maybe even the hottest bar and nightclub in the city. We provide deluxe features in our buses such as dance poles, wooden dance floor, a booming sound system, and even built in bars and coolers. With all these deluxe features we've become a very popular way to spend your night on the town, and we're sure to make it unforgettable.

Weekends for our buses fill up very quickly, especially in the summer months, a party bus is is a very popular way to enjoy your night on the town. With all the features we provide, it's not difficult to see why. That's why we recommend that you call us early to book your trip so that you can definitely find a bus that will accommodate your group perfectly.