Oak Park


Zzzzzz Tavern

Zzzzzz Tavern is a little neighborhood bar hidden away in the side streets of Oak Park. It's a hidden treasure if you love dive bars. They offer standard bar food at low prices, and more importantly, great drink prices! They often have specials going on that make the price even better. This place is filled with locals that have become regulars and would love to welcome you into their bar family. Zzzzzz Tavern is located at 8555 Capital Street in Oak Park, Michigan, just east of Wyoming.

Eddie's Gourmet

Formerly Giorgio's Restaurant, Eddie's Gourmet has really done it's part to carry on the big following that Giorgio's had. They serve delicious homecooked food that will really satisfy your hunger, no matter what kind of tastes you enjoy. All of their meals are made with fresh ingredients. Eddie's Zip Pasta gets rave reviews, and you will find yourself constantly going back for more. Portions are large and prices are affordable. Eddie's Gourmet is located at 25920 Greenfield Road in Oak Park.

Sukhothai Restaurant

Sukhothai Restaurant is home to the best Thai food in Oak Park. It's located in a strip mall, but the interior is very nice and the food is wonderful! It is made from fresh ingredients and is always served hot. You can get your food ranging from mild to hot, and by hot, they mean very, very hot. Don't be caught off guard! Be sure to try the spring rolls. They are like no one elses! Sukhothai Restaurant is located at 25226 Greenfield Road in Oak Park, Michigan.

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