Pittsfield Township


Mi Zarape Mexican Restaurant

Mi Zarape is a great Mexican restaurant with a clean, warm atmosphere that has a really cool Mexican style decor. The entrees are really good and prepared with care. The staff is polite and never lingers, so you can enjoy your meal in peace. Prices are on the higher side for a Mexican restaurant, but the atmosphere and food make it worth it. The fajitas and quesadillas are yummy, and the salsa is made fresh. Mi Zarape Mexican Restaurant is located at 7025 East Michigan Avenue in Saline, just a short drive from Pittsfield Township.

Bob Evans Restaurant

You are probably familiar with Bob Evans Restaurants since they have many locations around Michigan. The recognizable red barn exterior has certainly drawn your eye a time or two. Bob Evans has a comfortable, homey atmosphere that you will be able to relax in. The food is good, especially if you come in the morning for one of their homemade breakfasts. You'll feel like Grandma did the cooking! Kids love the menu choices, so this is a great place to bring the family for a good meal. Bob Evans Restaurant is located at 325 East Eisenhower Parkway in Ann Arbor, not far from Pittsfield Township.

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