Pleasant Ridge


The Bosco

The Bosco is a very modern and trendy lounge that is a good place to grab some cocktails. It has kind of a classy and exclusive ambiance, so dress to impress. It reminds me of the type of bar you would find in Los Angeles. The Bosco gets pretty crowded on weekends, so be prepared for that. The bartenders can make any drink you want, and they are happy to serve you. There is an outdoor patio where you can soak up the weather on beautiful days while you sip your drink. The Bosco is open Wednesday through Saturday from 8 pm until 2 am, and it is located at 22930 Woodward Avenue in Ferndale, just down the street from Pleasant Ridge.

The Fly Trap

The Fly Trap is a modern diner in Ferndale, just outside of Pleasant Ridge. You will really love this place. They offer a huge variety of food on the menu, so you are guaranteed to find something that you will like. I recommend the chicken fried rice! It is full of flavor. They serve everything from breakfast to dessert. The staff at The Fly Trap is very friendly, and you will be very happy with your service. The Fly Trap is located at 22950 Woodward in downtown Ferndale.

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