Putnam Township


Dam Site Inn

Dam Site Inn is a great neighborhood bar in Hell, Michigan, just a few miles from Putnam Township. This bar has a flame-based decor all thoroughout the bar. It tends to attract the biker crowd. Live bands play there a lot, and there is a great juke box for when they are taking breaks. Dam Site Inn is a full bar and restaurant that serves all the standard bar food you can think of. It is located at 4045 Patterson Lake Road in Hell, Michigan.

Zukey Lake Tavern

Zukey Lake Tavern is a popular restaurant and bar in Pinckney. It's a casual place, so stop by with some friends, order a drink, and relax! They often feature live music to keep the mood alive. It's located right on Zukey Lake, so it's a good place to go if you are hungry after a long day of boating. Just pull your boat up to one of their long docks and go in for a great meal. If it's a nice day, head up to the rooftop bar to enjoy your drinks. Zukey Lake Tavern is located at 5011 Girard Drive in Pinckney, Michigan.

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