The Main Street Bar & Grill

The Main Street Bar & Grill is one of the best neighborhood bars in Macomb County. It never gets too crowded, but there are always people there having a good time. Prices are great, whether you are ordering drinks or something from their menu. The food is good, and the drinks are strong. The staff is welcoming, and the service is always quick. You can't go wrong at Main Street! The Main Street Bar & Grill is located at 223 North Main Street in Romeo, Michigan.

Times Square Restaurant

Times Square Restaurant is located in Bruce Township, just a short drive from Romeo. It is similar to a coney island restaurant, where you can find just about anything you can think of on the menu. We recommend going in the morning and trying an omelette or one of their other breakfast options. Portions are always huge no matter what time of day it is. Times Square has a nice family-friendly atmosphere and is very clean. Bring your kids here when you don't feel like cooking! Times Square Restaurant is located at 70927 Van Dyke Road in Bruce Township, Michigan.

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