Sterling Heights



Fuddruckers is a well known chain restaurant that becomes a favorite of many people that visit it. It has a vintage Americana decor that will leave you staring at all of the memorabilia throughout your entire meal. Fuddruckers specializes in burgers. You can order them at the counter, or you can opt to have a waitress come to the table. If you order it at the counter, you get to take it to the burger bar and add the toppings yourself. You are guaranteed to end up with something that will make your tastebuds dance. There is no limit to what you can add! The burgers are always perfectly cooked to order. This is a cool place to bring the family. Your kids will love putting together their own burgers! Fuddruckers is located at 40955 Van Dyke Avenue in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

Gator Jake's Bar & Grill

Gator Jake's is a carefree bar and restaurant with a relaxing atmosphere. This place has a lot of positives. Excellent food, cold beer, fantastic prices, and the staff never hovers. It's the perfect place to share a round of drinks with a group of friends. They have a patio, so be sure to grab a seat out there on warm summer nights. Prices are reasonable and the service is pretty good. Gator Jake's Bar & Grill is located at 36263 Van Dyke Avenue in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

Cheeseburger in Paradise

Cheeseburger in Paradise is a delightful beach-themed restaurant and bar. You'll feel like you've been transported to a tropical vacation the second you walk in the door. The food follows the theme with their special Beach Burger and plenty of seafood options. The ingredients are fresh, and everything is cooked to order. They have a full bar, so don't be shy about ordering a drink with your meal. After all, it's five o' clock somewhere! Cheeseburger in Paradise is located at 13883 Lakeside Circle in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

Red Hot & Blue

Red Hot & Blue has some of the best barbecue in the area. You'll get some of the most tender and delicious meat you've had in a long time, no matter what you choose to order. The dry rub gives it a ton of flavor, and they also have a variety of excellent sauces to choose from. The meat selection isn't the only star of the restaurant, though. All of the sides are wonderful. The potato salad has something special that will leave you craving more. If you've still got room for dessert, be sure to try the peanut butter pie. This will be the most satisfying meal you have had in a long time. Red Hot & Blue is located at 33800 Van Dyke Avenue in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

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