Swartz Creek


Hank and Don's Tavern

Hank and Don's Tavern is a pleasant little dive bar in Swartz Creek. They have an excellent menu with a really wonderful burger selection. They are made to order, and the cook really seems to know what he's doing. If you are in the area on Fridays, be sure to stop in and try the fish. It is fresh and delicious! The drinks are always served ice cold, and the prices are right. You'll have a good night out at Hank and Don's Tavern. It is located at 8006 Miller Road in Swartz Creek, Michigan.

China Wok

China Wok is the place to go for Chinese food in Swartz Creek. The ingredients are fresh, and the portions are always huge. You get a ton of food for your money, and you'll definitely be taking leftovers home. You'll enjoy your meal so much that you will find yourself coming back repeatedly. They offer carry out, so enjoy your meal at home if you want a quiet evening in. They don't accept credit or debit cards, so be prepared and bring cash. China Wok is located at 9061 Miller Road in Swartz Creek, Michigan.

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