Sweet 16 Parties


Make your princess dreams come true with a coach to carry you and your friends away for an unforgettable party!

For many cultures, a sweet sixteen is more than just another birthday. It symbolizes the coming of age, and signifies a young adult's passage into adult hood. Quincenearas are especially popular in Latin cultures, its a time that celebrates a girl coming of age and becomes a woman. This passage to adult hood will very commonly be filled with all the luxuries one might find at an extravagant wedding. You want your child's first day as an adult to be filled with all the luxury and elegance that you want there entire lives you be filled with. It's customary to have extravagant dinners, and beautiful ceremonies. All of this can be accomplished while using one of the most luxurious party buses in Ann Arbor. We make sure that all your guests enjoy our beautiful buses complete with all the features to make even the transportation for your event, and unforgettable experience.

We offer the very best transportation to get to your birthday locations, while still maintaining only the most affordable rates for the quality of service that you get. To insure that you are able to book a party bus that fits your event perfectly while celebrating in the Ann Arbor or Detroit area, try to call as early as possible to insure that you get the very best experience.